Global Stability Unit         GSUTM


The GSU, or simply the Global, offers the world’s most stable exchange rates - and with stability superior to the US dollar or any other fiat currency, it provides a significant advantage to everyone who seeks international price stability for trade, transactions, or asset-value protection.

This unit has been developed with the intent of creating a neutral point-of-balance, protecting everyone equally, thereby ensuring a level playing field.

The Global:

  • is the first virtual currency outperforming the international price stability of the USD;
  • enables price stability to be shared equally between everybody;
  • is a more stable alternative to $USD pegged stablecoins;
  • offers better price stability beyond the crypto ecosystem, and is a buffer against inflation.

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The represents the first front-end Web3 application enabling the issuance of GSUc (the first GSU-reference stablecoin) via GSU Protocol.











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